Ethical Dilemma

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    Hi Accounting People,

    I’m in a study slump after taking my first exam and realizing how hard its going to be to get the CPA. After that test, I’m questioning if it would be right for me to even continue. I don’t plan on staying in public accounting, and hadn’t from the start; the only reason I got in was for the experience, and 1 year public is the quickest way to hit the necessary requirement for licensure in my state. I don’t actually enjoy accounting, I picked the degree for the job security and the pay is decent. Like most people I’d like to make more money, but the CPA is really the only way to get a high paying job in the field. Is it ethical for me to power through and get my CPA only to increase earning potential? I’m only considering it from a private perspective as well (ie: controller with CPA vs. accounting manager without).

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    Simple answer.
    You will never regret getting the CPA, even if you don't use it.
    You “more likely than not” will regret it if you don't finish.

    A note on accounting. An accounting career has an extremely broad Spectrum of services that you can provide to clients, and bill a lot of money for. If you are currently grinding in audit and hate it, try tax. If neither of those are your cup of tea, expand your search to Manager or CFO or similar lines of service. Just because audit or tax doesn't really thrill you, there is some form of work in accounting that will meet your needs, as well as make you a decent income. Don't give up just because of one shitty job or shitty manager. Try something new, then try something else new. There is a fit for everyone in this field. Don't give up.

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    100% agree with you. Most CPAs don't stay in public. I know more CPAs out of public than in public accounting (at least traditional auditing and tax).

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    Not trying to be harsh or rude, but this isn't an ethical dilemma…

    You and thousands of other CPA's desire the license to increase their earnings potential. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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    First try with Becker


    CPA is worth it for sure, but nowadays it seems like the industry is outdated in terms of WLB and pay.

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