Demotivated, Need Encouragement – Studying for CPA while in a legal case

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    Hi guys

    I have been studying for CPA since 6 years ago. It took me 2 years to gather the necessary credits to sit for the exam, while working. 3 years ago, I was stalked for over a year and then assaulted in public while I was in a cafe by a male person. The stress of this led to a breakdown in my health. I had to take a break from work and have been in talks with the person who did through lawyers to settle my damages.

    I had been studying for CPA prior to this. Concurrently with the negotiation for settlement, about 2 years ago I studied and passed BEC. About 1.5 years ago I passed AUD. About 1 year ago I passed REG. All this time I am communicating with my lawyer every week and the stress of this has been enormous. For reasons related to COVID, I had to move cross country to a different location to live with my family. At this time, my BEC expired. I sat for BEC for the second time and passed with a score of 86.

    I sat for the FAR exam in January 2022 but failed with a score of 74. My AUD also expired at this point.
    Now I need to retake the FAR exam and also retake AUD but it has been so hard to juggle CPA with my legal negotiations. The legal situation leaves me drained, angry and de-energized. I am taking multiple medications to be treated. Dealing with lawyers and the person who assaulted me through lawyers is extremely stressful as lawyers can be aggressive and snarky.

    I am supposed to sit for the FAR exam again this month (May 2022) but I am finding it extremely hard to concentrate on studying. Also I found that the material doesn't interest me that much. Failing FAR the first time demotivated me. I seem to be close to finishing FAR but I can't muster up the energy to go through it.

    Any words of encouragement would be appreciated. Also does anyone have advice on how to concentrate and study for a portion of the exam that you have no interest in even when you really do not feel like it.

    Thank you

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    Fellow Club 74 members here – and I've lost an exam credit (FAR) as well. Read my story below if interested.

    1) Are you dealing directly with the other party's lawyer? You mentioned they were snarky…your own attorney should be a buffer.

    2) Maybe take a break and fire it back up in June or July after the “negotiation” part of this is over so you can focus more?

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