New York State Educational Requirements

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    Future NY CPAs, i’m looking for some clarity. please help.

    I earned my Bachelor’s in 2007. I did not apply for licensure until 2010 but was approved to sit for the exam based on grandfathering of the 120-credit hour rule. I recently passed all four parts of the exam. YAY! (FYI, I used Becker and feel it preps you very well but you must write & re-write notes rather than highlighting – just like Jeff says!!)

    Some of you may be familiar that NYS changed the educational requirements on August 1, 2009. The quote basically is “if you graduated after August 1, 2009 OR applied after August 1, 2009, you need 150-hours for licensure.”

    The NASBA NY Coordinator is telling me that I’m fine and that i can receive a license after only 120 credits – even though he knows I applied after August 1, 2009. Here is a quick summary of our emails:

    ME : “I earned an Accounting degree on May 12th 2007 but applied after August 1st, 2009. Does this mean I must earn 150 credit hours before I can obtain a CPA license or am I eligible to obtain a license under the 120-hour Grandfathering Rule?”

    NY COORDINATOR: “Our record shows that your education was approved under the 120 grandfathering rule. So you do not need to have 150 hour rule to apply for a licensure.”

    Has anyone in NY has a similar experience? My basic question: If I applied after August 1, 2009, do I need 150 hours??

    All the information I read says YES but NY Coordinator says NO.

    Please help.

    Also, where I get the information on the Ethics Exam? Thanks!!

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    No you're good to go as long as you have 2 years of experience.


    potassiumboyCPA – i am in a similar position to you – earned my degree in 2004 and applied post 2009 based on the 120 hr rule.

    I want to confirm that you were able to get your license after 120 hrs, and did not have to get a further 30 credits?




    I just came about this post while I was trying to research the Grandfather Rule in NY. I received an email today saying the following: “You are required to meet the NYS 150 hour education requirement for licensure. To be grand fathered in an applicant must submit form 1 and a few of 345.00 prior to 8/1/2009, and have met the 120 semester hour requirement prior to 8/1/2009. Your application (Form 1 and fee of 377.00) was received on 1/25/2013, therefore you are unable to grand father in.”

    I graduated in 2002 with 124 credits.

    Has anyone had any success obtaining a license with 120 semester hours by submitting Form 1 after 2009?


    AUD - Passed 88
    REG - Passed 87
    BEC - Passed 78
    FAR - Passed 75


    I was grandfathered in but I graduated and applied before the August 1, 2009 change. As far as I know you need to have applied before August 1, 2009. You may want to contact the board of education of New York since they are the ones that issue you your license.

    Started sitting in May 2002, on and off. But since 2008 I've been nonstop and my scores are....
    AUD - 39, 48, 56, 65, 68, 73, 76!!! (Finally passed in Oct 2011!!!) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    REG - 75 (Lost Credit) 72, 68, 73, 75 (Passed again in Aug 2011) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    FAR - 65, 68, 75 (Lost Credit) 68, 73, 73, 80 (Passed again in May 2012) Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    BEC - 65, 68, 71, 72, 72, 71, 76 (Lost Credit)- 70, 76!!!! I AM DONE!!! - Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    After 10 long years of studying, I AM DONE!!!! Finally a Licensed CPA in the State of New York!!


    Hi – In a similar position as the original poster. Was there a resolution to this? Thanks

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