Eyeball trick working early?

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    Does anyone know how early the eyeball trick works? Next score release is 11/23 and typically when I pull the eyeball report if you sat it will have attended (I sat 11/12) but mine already says no credit. I havent sat for this one before then. Would this be the no credit from before sitting? Or do you think there is a chance it is already updated 5 days ahead?

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    I've seen it start working at 2pm the day before the score release date. But I've been compulsively checking since I took the exam.

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    That’s what I thought. So mine said no credit this morning but now it says attended. SO THERES STILL A CHANCE! Haha

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    Please let us know how it goes.
    I was really hopeful that the no credit wasn't true.

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    @Recked It changed to attended over the weekend but I ended up getting a 70. Retaking next week!

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