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    Hey guys! I hope everyone is well and safe –

    I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the NY application process:

    After passing all 4 exams, can an application be submitted without having 150 credits?
    For example, passed all 4 exams, apply for the license basically having an open application and complete the 150 hours which will then complete the application.

    I have all the exams and 1 year of experience but not the 150 credits but wanted to kick start the process so I can have an open application that already has the 1 year experience write off and the exams passed – I plan on finishing the credits in the spring.

    Thanks guys!

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    I would probably try and send in the application 30-60 days before you finish the credits, so hopefully the credits are finalized by the time the review staff gets to your application.
    You should expect some speed bumps in this process, using this approach, but hopefully you can get them ironed out easily enough.
    Good luck.

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    You can start an application early and have it open, but there's a time limit, it used to be one year, then it become inactive and you will need to call them to reopen the case.

    You should consult customer service to see how long it will be. Nevertheless, you can always submit the forms even without an application, they will hold on to it.

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