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    So I have recently started studying for the CPA exam in Illinois (I submitted my transcripts a few years ago and I received a letter stating that they fulfilled the requirements for Illinois). I plan on taking FAR this May. However I may be relocating to a different state (either Kansas or Missouri) in the next 6 months. So my questions are:
    1. Should I take the tests and get my license in Illinois and then transfer it over when I move? How difficult is this process?
    2. When I do move, how does the lit work when you live in a city that splits to states? For example, what happens if I live in Missouri and work in Kansas (or vice versa)? I’m not looking to work for a public accounting firm and most positions I’m currently looking at state something like “CPA preferred”.
    3. When applying for new jobs, how do I convey I am working on my CPA?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I just recently passed the tests in Kansas and am waiting on my application for certificate and permit to be processed. Kansas is a two-tiered state and they have pretty specific classes that need to be taken to meet the requirements. I do know that even if you live in Kansas, but were working or had a job offer in Missouri that you could take the exam in Missouri. I think it would be best to look at all the requirements for the states and see if you would meet them and go from there. You could also contact the boards in each state and ask specific questions. The Kansas board is pretty small, there is only like one person that works there full time, but she has helped me a lot with questions I had.

    On my resume, I would put that you are working on receiving your CPA license and expect to have it completed in XX months.

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