Workstation froze during exam.

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    big K

    My history with this f#@$ing exam is pretty long and storied at this point. I passed two section (BEC & REG) and then had to stop studying for personal reasons ( kid in children’s hospital). I then passed three sections (FAR, BEC, & REG) within six months and between work commitments and me being unable to grasp AUD concepts (I’m a career tax accountant) I topped off at 73 on the Audit exam and slowly lost all three of those parts.

    I picked myself and decided to give it another try.

    Yesterday I took the Audit section. Half way through my third testlet, the computer froze on me and it must have been a connectivity issue because it happened to numerous people in the room (but not everyone). The Prometric staff asked that us to reboot our computer. I was assured that as the screen was not showing the exam the clock stops. Sure enough about ten minutes later the exam comes back up (after I put in Section ID) and it looks like I lost maybe one or two minutes. I finish that testlet and right away start the forth and last teslet. When the screen for that testlet loads it automatically “lost” about 10 minutes. I guess the computer’s clock was reconciling itself. Not only did I need those 10 minutes to finish the exam it really screwed with my head.

    Has anyone dealt with anything similar? What will NASBA do?

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