What time are scores posted?

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    I know, I sound like a nut. But I’d rather not be checking every five seconds for my score to be posted. Does anyone know if there’s a specific time scores are posted or if it’s up there whenever?

    Waiting for FAR results that release on February 6th, very anxious.

    Thank you!

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    1 am the day of the release, so 1 am on Feb. 6th-the site crashes and you can't access your scores until more like 3 am…I stayed up for my FAR score release, and regret it-first I couldn't sleep because I was anxious, then I couldn't sleep because it was a failing score…Once I re-take it, for next score release, I am drinking myself to sleep, and not checking it until the following day.


    @anyatver is correct, but that's assuming you're in a NASBA state. If you're not in a state that will allow you to look it up on NASBA (like CA or IL, to name a couple), then you have to wait for your board to upload the score there.

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