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    Hi folks,

    Let’s say you’re scheduled for a December 10th test date (last day of the Q4 window). What happens if there is a test center closing on that day and you need to reschedule? Assuming your NTS is still valid, can you still test in December? It would suck if you had to wait for the next window and then in case of failure then would not be allowed to test again until the following window.

    Other scenario: same as above, except that your NTS is only valid through December 10th. Do you lose that NTS?


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    This happened to me in 3Q and I had to reschedule in 4Q. When I got a code from Prometric center lady for free reschedule, I immediately called the customer service phone and it took two minutes for them to reset my account and told me to go online and reschedule by myself. I told them the center opens Saturday (meanwhile I confirmed with Prometric center lady, I was still in the center room) and can they have the Saturday option open online or reschedule for me on Saturday on the phone. I guess I called too soon, at that time, customer cervice cannot provide that option because their system is not adjusted for this particular issue at this center.

    When two and half weeks ago I went to Prometric again for my exam, the Prometric center lady told me there was two persons successfully rescheduled on the Saturday after my phone call.

    If NTS expires soon, I guess you need to call NASBA as well to request extension. This is a suggestion from my Prometric center lady.


    If a testing center is closed the day of your exam you would need to contact candidatecare@nasba.org and provide them with your testing information. Like mentioned above there are two options that could happen. You still have time on your NTS so you schedule sometime in the future, or your NTS expires during non-testing time and your exam was scheduled for the last day of the window. Then that NTS would need to be extended.

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