Score expire after passing all 4 sections?

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    I just passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam. When I open CPA Central, my dash board still shows that each credit expires in a certain different date.

    Is there something else I have to take after passing all 4 part, for it to not expire?

    Im assuming the ethics exam probably? I thought the ethics is not included as a must take with the 18 month period..

    I still need to work on my 150 hrs of education (Alaska state candidate) before I apply for a license. But I just want to double check and make sure that my exam credits don’t expire.

    Any advise is much appreciated.

    You know the feeling when you finish and your thinking ok I cant believe this I think im missing something here?. haha

    Note: im an international candidate. so my credits expire within 3 years if I don’t get the license by then. that’s why I need to know when does the 3 year timeline starts?

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    I sort of want to know also. Mine expires next window and I plan on completing the educational requires this fall.

    Steven K.

    I'm pretty sure in most states the scores don't expire after you pass the entire exam. Those dates are only relevant if you're still in the process.

    Hopefully someone confirms that, because otherwise that would suck


    I am wrong 🙂 check your state

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    Be careful though, I do remember seeing a post where someone was in a state in the Notheast (New Hampshire mabye?) where if you did not complete the requirements(ethics exam/education/etc) after a few years, they would expire. Make sure to check your state.

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    It varies state to state. In most states once you pass all 4 portions of the exam they won't ever expire. Ohio, for example, is one of these states (I called and asked). However, there are a few states out there where credit will expire after a period of time even if you've passed all 4 portions.

    If you're not certain than call your state board and ask.


    “once you complete all 4 sections of the CPA exam, your scores are good forever in Nevada. Thank you,”

    That's the e-mail I received from NV Board of Accountancy. They replied to my e-mail within 15 minutes. Give your state a shout. It makes me very happy to see this, lol, because I do not have experience yet.

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    Following the post…I passed my all 4 exams in April 2014, do not have to check whether they are still valid…


    I am in AK as well. I asked the AK NASBA rep in Jan 2017 and this was his response:

    If you pass all 4 sections of the exam in the United States, the credits do NOT expire and you can apply for licensure at leisure (which will also allow you more time to complete your remaining semester hours for the licensure requirements).

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    Had this same question — my cpa central dashboard still shows the expiration dates even though I've passed all the exams. Will be emailing AK board this week to find out why since as @murd said, they don't expire after being passed in 18 months.

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    In PA they're good forever.

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    I was under the impression that in most states your exam scores will expire if you do not complete the work requirement within a specified time period, e.g. “two years of meaningful full-time employment within five years of completing the exam.” I know for a fact that my state has a deadline to apply for licensure within a specified period after completion of the exam. Are other states different?

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    All the states are different.

    In New York State, once an applicant has passed all four sections of the examination, the examination credit does not expire. Further, after successfully passing all four sections of the examination, there is no time requirement to meet the education or experience requirements for licensure. This applies to candidates who physically sat for the exam in the U.S. or abroad at an overseas location


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    For everyone else that has completed the exams but hasn't gotten the license — does your CPA central account show the expiration dates still? I just expected the dates to not be there anymore so it confused me.

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