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    A little confused. Are you able to apply and re-test after you fail, and then re-schedule in a time period covered by original NTS. Lets say my NTS expires in april 17, but I took in Nov. if i wanted to re-test in Feb could I since its a new “testing window”?

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    Not sure what state you're in but it should all be the same. As soon as you get your score release for your test, say AUD, your NTS ends for that specific test. The option for you to request a re-take of AUD becomes available to you the moment a failing score is posted – I've seen it 🙂 To save time, send your app in to your board ahead of time and let it get processed and to the point where they want you to select your test. Have that queued up before score release so you can either 1)immediately choose to retake your test you just found out you failed, or 2) hopefully just choose another test. Or 3) you don't have any tests left and you paid the app fee for potential time saving purposes.

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    If you're asking if you can use the same NTS twice, no. It's basically forced to expire early once you use it.

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    Once you receive you fail score you can to onto cpacentral and apply for a new NTS to sit next qtr. Your NTS is valid for 1 exam sitting per Qtr or 6 months, whichever comes first.

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    Not all NTS expire after 6 months. I’m in South Dakota and we have a year to use ours. Also, our board doesn’t allow us to apply for retake exam until 2 days after the failed score was released. It probably varies a little state to state, so make sure to check with the board of the state your located.

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