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    Hi guys, I have a question for reapplication for cpa exam.

    My NTS for AUD is expiring in couple days, and I haven’t taken AUD test, so I want to know if I cancel this appointment now can I reapply for new NTS right away? Or do I need to wait until the expiration date to reapply? And if I need to reapply for a second section, can I reapply them separately? Thanks for help!


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    Don't cancel it. You already paid for it so just take it and see how you do and so you can get the experience of taking the audit exam.

    Since you said it expires in a couple days, I think you can reapply today and send it in and by the time the state processes it, your audit exam would indeed be expired and they can issue you a new NTS.

    If you want to apply for a second section, you will have to pay the fee again ($100?) if you put it on a separate application. I'd wait and put it all in one application.

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