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    And yes, before I ask, I know I should go anyways to see the questions and content, etc.

    However, given the fact that due to some person family issues over the last month and a half I have not even opened the book to study once, if I do decide not to go next week to my exam, here is my question:

    I am already paid and registered to take BEC on May 29th.

    If I no show to REG on April 27th, do I forfeit the BEC exam as well?

    I’ve read some things online that said if you no show you have to reapply to your board, which is what made me think about the next exam.

    I realize it’s only a $35 fee to cancel, and that I took someone else’s seat by registering and cancelling, but after paying so much out of my own pocket to register, the fee to cancel seems like a slap in the face on top of everything else in my opinion.

    Does anyone have any experience with this and can help me decide if I don’t show if it I’ll lose my right to take the next section I’m signed up for as well?

    Thanks all

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    You know you can reschedule your exams, right? As long as your NTS hasn't run out, just push them back.


    You have two options:

    1) Reschedule – Your NTS is good for 6 months not really sure why you wouldn't? Unless it's expired; THEN

    2) Fail spectacularly – Why not show up and bomb like no ones ever bombed an exam before? At least you get your feet wet and get a feel for the test and the experience. That alone in my opinion is worth your time.


    I agree with dtomasello, either reschedule or go in and do your absolute best and see what score you can eke out.

    I'd personally recommend rescheduling, buckling down for a few weeks (if your family situation allows it) and take it in early May and leave yourself time to study for the next section. Otherwise, keep in mind that your NTS is valid for 6 months so if it doesn't expire anytime soon, you can push the exam off to the next testing window.

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    Reschedule it unless you think you have a shot at passing. The $35 reschedule fee is a lot less than the ~200 for a retake.

    The no-show thing, I believe, is that you have to reapply for that section, as if you failed it in the testing window. You won't be able to retake it in the same 2-month window. You don't have to submit another application of intent, which I think is what you were suggesting.

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    Not sure where you're at, but in TX, we only get a 90 day window to take the exam once we've paid our fee.

    I would STRONGLY recommend just walking in and taking it. I had almost the same experience with FAR. I figured I'd go ahead and get my feet wet, get the anxiety over with, and consider my $200 an “exam review class” fee. You never know what stars might be aligned to set you up with an easy test, an “on-top-of-your-game” day, or both. At least you'll get the fear of the unknown out of the way!

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