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    Has anyone run into this problem?:

    I tried to reschedule my exam last night and they charged my

    Credit card, but then the confirmation screen said “error please try again later.” So I tried again, same thing!

    I go to check my bank account and they have charged me 3 times and exam date has not been rescheduled, I do not get an email from them, and when I went to exam date confirmation, the date had not changed. Has anyone had this happen? My exam was scheduled for tomorrow and I was changing it more than 24 hours before the test and

    I’m a little nervous as to what their “remedy” will be. Has anyone had similar situation? I’m totally freaking out. They better not forgot my fees and make me reapply with board. I will lose it.


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    I've been trying to schedule my exam all day and keep getting an error message too. It won't let me schedule. I sent them an email.


    I've had the error come up a lot before- I just kept trying until it worked (I would sometimes give it a few hours and then come back). However, I never rescheduled within 30 days, so I never got changed, so I can't speak to that. I'd definitely send an email to prometric, and then call your test center first thing in the morning (the lady at my local center said she usually gets in to open the center at 6:45 am- each one is probably different, but that might be a good time to start trying).

    You may also want to contact NASBA right away as well, and possibly your state board. I don't know exactly what they will be able to do, but at least you did everything you could, and this may help you in your case if your board tries to make you re-apply?

    If you are not allowed to reschedule, can you still go and take it? Obviously its best if you can get it moved, but its probably better to give it your best shot than to just throw the money away.

    Good luck and I hope it all turns out ok!


    It's happened to me before and Prometric always had my money back in my account the next business day. I would call Monday morning just to verify your exam date and time. When this happened to me, the exam hadn't actually been rescheduled, but they took care of it over the phone.


    I actually went through a huge ordeal. Because I tried changing my test 30 hours before the exam, by the time I called them Monday (day of the test) they COULDN'T DO ANYTHING! I then had to call NASBA just to be told I need to type an e-mail, but then I found out it might count as a no show and I wouldn't be able to take test UNTIL NEXT WIDOW! (Crazy but true) This of course meant I would lose my BEC credit and have to retake that, which put me in battle mode and I finally got it straightened out, but the incompetence, lack of empathy and understanding for the urgency of my situation was distasteful to say the least. I hate prometric and all the idiots that work there. A bunch of losers on a power trip. I am so happy to never have to step foot into another prometric again.


    I have also faced the same issue..But once I got this error message, I got a message from my bank to activate international transaction in my credit card.Once I activated it and tried again, I was able to do my payment and the transaction was successful..


    Prometric recently announced that it would be rescheduling all Prometric exams due to an error in its scheduling system. This Prometric rescheduling error affected both computer-based and paper-based exams, and Prometric is currently working on rescheduling all affected exams. Prometric apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused and is committed to providing a seamless testing experience for all exam candidates. Prometric will provide updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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