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    Looking to see if anyone has experience with contacting prometric to ensure they provide the (1) blank note boards and (2) very fine tipped, smudge proof marker.
    As we all know, taking notes while working out problems is critical to reaching the solution(s), unless you have an identic memory.
    The last exam I took was FAR, my testing center could only offer me worn down blunt tipped dry erase markers, and a mix of blank and the ones with the graphing chart.
    Although they gave me my choice of markers out of the 6 left in the drawer, and I tried them all out, they were all horrible.
    Basically, because the markers I had were so blunt, I couldn’t write small, so took up much more space, therefore more noteboards, which resulted in time inefficiencies (having to wait for replacement boards more often).
    I also feel the boards with graphing charts on them make it more difficult to see your writing, especially if you try to write small.
    Lastly, it wasn’t until after this last experience that I looked up the writing materials per NASBAs publication, and I saw that the markers are supposed to be smudgeproof, which is not what I experienced.
    Basically, before I take FAR again, I want to make sure that my testing center has the (1) very fine point, smudgeproof markers and (2) enough blank note boards (without the graphs).
    Any advice or tales of previous experiences would be greatly appreciated before I begin this endeavor.
    Thank you!

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    Someone told me the recent AICPA webinar confirmed you could ask to substitute for pencil and paper.

    Can someone confirm or deny this? I had a terrible experience with the markers as well, so being able to use pencil and paper sounds convenient.

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    They did say that you can request pencil and paper, but then the NASBA woman said she wasn't exactly sure if you're allowed and she was going to have to report back. It doesn't hurt to ask.

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    I took exam yesterday. I feel the graphing charts and the black markers just worked fine. Prometric center also gave me a small simple calculator but I even did not use it because the calculator built-in with tape is much better.


    If you are not applying for accommodations, then you will need to send an email to and request scratch paper and pencil for your exam.


    I also heard that you can email NASBA two weeks before your exam with the info about the exam and testing center, and that you would like pencil and paper. That's what I am going to do in few weeks but would like to hear if anybody actually did that and received pencil and paper from prometric

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    I just took FAR a couple weeks ago and, yeah, the marker was atrociously blunt. I could barely write my launch code so that it was legible. I barely wrote anything down throughout the exam. I didn't know about the option of pencil and paper or I probably would have requested it.

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    That is literally the worst thing about taking the exam.

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