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    I know I have to take two forms of ID to the testing center along with my NTS. I’m taking REG in the morning and I just noticed that my drivers license has my middle name spelled out, and all my other forms of ID and my NTS have just my middle initial. Is that going to cause me a problem at Prometric? My drivers license is the only photo ID that I have.

    I would think it wouldn’t be a problem since I signed my license with just my middle initial and my signature on that matches the signature on all my other forms of ID. But I suppose it’s a nice diversion to be freaking out about whether I’ll be allowed to take the test instead of if I’m actually ready to take the test! :p

    Just wondering if anyone else has run into problems with something like this.

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    This is weird. My NTS always says two forms of ID, but the two Prometric centers I've gone to only required one form of ID. So, I just give my driver license and I'm all set. Normally, I would be concerned about this, but whenever I take the survey after the exams, it always asks if I was required to show at least ONE form of ID. Ok, so two Prometric test centers required only one and the survey said I only was required to show one.

    At first, I just thought that they're just lazy to update the NTS, but I see that you were required to show two IDs.

    Does this all depend on the state you're in?


    I think you may be okay in this situation. My first section, my NTS had my name as Nick, and my license had it as Nicholas and they did not allow me to sit. I hope this does not happen to you as that was a major pain in the ass.


    It depends on the specific testing center. Mine only asks for one form of ID as well even though all of the print information says 2.

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    Turns out they only asked for one, despite the NTS saying two forms are required. And I don't think they looked at the ID all that closely, so the full middle name vs. middle initial wasn't an issue.

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