Prometric does not let me reschedule!!!!!!! help!!!!

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    hi everyone..

    So I’m trying to reschedule BEC but Prometirc doesnt let me…it says “This appointment is past the cutoff date for modification.” WHAT the hell does this mean???? I got my NTS in 12.1.11 and its valid till 6.30.12….why isnt it letting me reschedule..???? This is the last thing I need to worry about right now…so frustrating…

    AUD- Failed 3 times, 81 5/30/12
    REG- X3:(
    BEC-X1 🙁

    Finally passed my first exam after 2+ years of agony! I refuse to give up! Bring it on!

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    Are you using the reschedule section of prometric? If you have not actually scheduled an exam with the new nts then you have to do that first. You can only reschedule an exam that you had previously scheduled with a particular nts and are wanting to change the dates. To schedule to take an exam over again that you have previously failed you would go through the original process of scheduling an exam with the new nts that you get to retake the exam, not rescheduling.

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