Previous Paper/Pencil Test Taker wanting to try again

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    One of my co-workers took the exam back when it was paper/pencil 2-day test and now is thinking of trying again. Is she considered a new applicant since the system changed or what would her application status be? (MN candidate before and would be again)

    FAR - (7/13/10) 84
    AUD - (8/9/10) 88
    REG - (10/4/10) 85
    BEC - (11/8/10) 86

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    I took the paper and pencil exam back in the day, and was considered a re-exam candidate by the Virginia BOA when I applied last year. It probably varies by state though so you should tell her to check with the Minnesota board. If she has gotten married since taking it, she will have to submit proof of the name change.

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