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    Hello all – this is my first post on the website! My question relates to rescheduling your NTS after it expires.

    My current NTS is set to expire on September 27th and I did not take the exam within the extended window period (September 10th). The NASBA website does not give me an option to apply for a new NTS until my current one expires. I thought this was odd as I cannot schedule this part since this is not an active testing window period, and my NTS is not set to expire for almost another week. I e-mailed my state board to see if they would allow me to apply for a new NTS sooner. They replied back saying that the system would not allow me to register for a new one until my current one expires on the 27th and there is nothing they can do.

    Did anyone else ever have this problem or have any recommendations? I would like to apply for a new NTS sooner rather than later so I still have options to take this section in the Q4 testing window before credit for my other exams expire at the end of the year.

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    Unfortunately there's no way around waiting for it to expire. Its a bummer but they're pretty set in stone.

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