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    Hello everyone so my NTS has “Ashley Nicole” on it and so does my license, however, my 2nd forms of ID only have “Ashley N” …. is this going to be a huge problem? I mean with my last name let’s be honest I doubt there’s two of me! 😉

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    I don't think it'll be much of a problem if your license is correct. My prometric center didn't even ask for my 2nd form of ID. They only took my license. You can also call the prometric center and they should be able to tell you if it'll be a problem or not.

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    @Ashley, you should be ok! I would take an extra form of ID just in case! My Prometric only asked for my Driver's Licence but I took my Passport ID just in case!

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    i called prometric about this and they said as long as your first and last name match you should be good.

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    I wasn't asked for a second form of ID either, only driver's license.

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    Thanks guys! I was thinking if I have to go out and get another form of ID (a state id possibly?) with my first, middle and last name on it today (the day before my test) it's not going to be a very good day… Glad to hear I shouldn't have a problem. Going to call the prometric center just in case.


    Yeah, you'll be fine. On a side note – my NTS always said that I needed two forms of ID, but the prometric center in Fair Oaks, CA told me that I don't really need two forms. Driver's license is all they require. But I always brought two forms just in case.

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