NTS & Credit Loss Conundrum.

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    Ok, before I get started. Yes, all of this is self inflicted. I need advise. I passed AUD 18 months ago and my credit expires on 02/28/17. So after procrastinating for a year and with 6 months remaining before AUD expires, I decided to take all three part. Good part, I passed FAR & REG. My remaining exam is BEC, my exam date is Monday the 13th, which is the final date of my NTS.

    I feel unprepared and I basically just finished the videos from my review course.. Wiley. I took a few practice exams and not many mcq.(I bombed them). I did basically the same thing and passed FAR & REG with a 75 and 78. (I’m pretty good a mcq).Well, if my luck run out and I fail BEC, I would have to take BEC & AUD in a new window and new exam format!

    So my question, if my NTS expires on Monday, will I be able to purchase a new NTS and take the exam prior to 02/28/17. I have always received my NTS in about 3-4 days, but I want to make sure I would still be eligible to take BEC in this test window, before the 02/28/17

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    Unfortunately, you are only allowed to take each test once per testing window. If you don't pass BEC, you would have to wait until Q2 to retake it. From the AICPA's FAQ page…

    How often can I take the examination?
    You may take each section up to one time per testing window. Candidates will not be permitted to take the same section more than once during any given testing window.



    Not sure what state you're in, but if you are used to getting an NTS turned around in 3-4 days, then I don't see why this wouldn't work. I haven't let an NTS expire but I guess protocol is just wait til the 14th, then apply for a new NTS. Only risk is the seats at Prometric. However, I have done something similar while studying for a retake while waiting for an NTS, got my NTS about a week before I was ready to sit, and was able to find a seat about 7 days out – there is usually a good selection at that point but it's hard to say right now if that's the case due to everyone and their mother squeezing out test before Q2.

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    I'm not sure how quickly after your nts expires you can request a new one best bet is to call your board on Monday. Tricky part is going to be finding an open seat.

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    On the NASBA score page, it states:

    “You must wait at least 48 hours before registering to retake any sections of the examination you did not pass.”

    I assume this means 48 hours post-score-release date.

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    My current application was processed on 08/13/16 and my NTS came on 08/15/16, also looking back on some previous NTS, the dates are the same or quicker (one received the day after application). So, as far as scheduling an exam, I have not had any issues with this, I live in Atlanta. There are several prometrics here and also in neighboring cities like Birmingham & Chattanooga.

    I just won't to make sure that if I do not take the exam on Monday, and I reapply for a new NTS, I will be allowed to take it in the current period.

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