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    So I am trying to re-apply for a test and the online application process has changed. It took me almost an hour to get to a place where I can actually register, if that is I wasn’t using Internet Explorer. First I didn’t have my jursidiction number so I had to email for that, once I did that I imported my previous application and then spent quite some time trying to see where I actually go to apply. There is an apply online button but nothing ever happened when I hit it. So I called them thinking they could help me apply or take my application over the phone…nope, they do not register over the phone anymore. I did learn people using Internet Explorer can have issues applying, they say you need to have Google Chrome or Firefox…well that doesn’t help me here at work as I can’t download anything on my computer. Why couldn’t it just be the way it was, nice and simple.

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    I was just able to register, I did estimate but it let me process the application.


    I reapplied on Friday night and just received my NTS this morning.

    Started sitting in May 2002, on and off. But since 2008 I've been nonstop and my scores are....
    AUD - 39, 48, 56, 65, 68, 73, 76!!! (Finally passed in Oct 2011!!!) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    REG - 75 (Lost Credit) 72, 68, 73, 75 (Passed again in Aug 2011) Becker, NINJA, & Wiley
    FAR - 65, 68, 75 (Lost Credit) 68, 73, 73, 80 (Passed again in May 2012) Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    BEC - 65, 68, 71, 72, 72, 71, 76 (Lost Credit)- 70, 76!!!! I AM DONE!!! - Roger, NINJA, & Wiley
    After 10 long years of studying, I AM DONE!!!! Finally a Licensed CPA in the State of New York!!


    I finally got to speak to someone at NASBA about my application problem!!!

    Quite a few people have been complaining about the same problem so their technical team is currently working on it…

    Hope they fix it soon!


    @Acct, same problem and it's really frustrating because I'm trying to sit on Oct 1st!!!

    AUD 81 (X4) Previous scores 59, 72, 72
    REG 80 (X3) Previous scores 59, 60
    FAR 75 (X2) Previous score 67
    BEC 79 (X2) Previous score 58


    I was finally able to log onto the new site, and surpringly results were posted!! I had gotten my AUD score via e-mail, but have been waiting for my FAR score. Since I'm in Wisconsin, I figured it would be at the end of this week before I found out. Unfortuntatly, I got a 73 on FAR, but at least I don't have to keep wondering.

    AUD - 80
    FAR - 73, 76 done!!!
    REG - 92
    BEC - 79


    IT WORKED!!! I finally was able to properly submit the application!!!! Whoohoo!!!

    I hope it's now working for everyone else!

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