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    Anyone else having issues logging into the NASBA account? I tried to call and they said to give it 24 hours…but it hasn’t been working for me for the past week. I can’t get my NTS to schedule my exam and I am getting so frustrated!

    BEC: 77 (expired), 83

    AUD: 72, 72, 77

    REG: 57, 75

    FAR: 23 (hail mary lol), 66, 81

    ETHICS: 91

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    I had the same problem in the spring and I actually lost a testing window because of it. I did everything NASBA suggested with cookies, etc. Finally I contacted my state board and begged them to download the NTS for me, because I knew they could see it. State board gave me phone numbers of NASBA state representatives, who never returned my calls. Finally I wrote to the director of qualifications on my state board, and she got the NASBA person to answer. He had to delete my account and start from scratch. I was surprised not to hear more complaining on this forum, I thought I was the only one having problems, and did I feel stupid. I encourage you to get your state board to help.

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