message from NASBA/CPAES " educational discrepancies"

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    I am a first time application for CPA exam and i cant wait to be able to sit for the the exams!!!

    Today i checked my application status online at NASBA website and i see this message”

    “Your educational evaluation is complete, however educational discrepancies were identified. You will be contacted by your State Coordinator for resolution within 7 business days of the status date listed above.”

    Can anyone please tell me what this means?? I am kinda worried and do not know what they meant by ” educational discrepancies” and “will be contacted for resolution”???

    Please advise me.

    Thank you everyone

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    The only thing I can think of is that you have something on your transcript that they need to clarify. Do you have by any chance any classes taken in a different country and translated by a company to meet the USA system?


    Thank you for your input!

    Yes i had my bachelor degree in Switzerland, but the school is accredited by New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC). NASBA confirmed that I would not need a foreign evaluation since it is accredited by NEASC.

    The school sent me my official transcripts in a sealed envelope with the school's seal and stamp.

    I mailed the un-opened envelope to NASBA. They contacted me yesterday and said they must have the official transcripts in order to process my application. I called them to explain that those are official transcripts, they were just not printed on fancy paper material but they are official transcripts. They said but they were marked as “copy”. I explained they are certified copies of official transcripts and they were sent directly from the school in a sealed envelope, so that would be able to prove the authenticity of it.

    The officer said he understood and will talk to his supervisor and they will make a decision. and today they post the updated message on my application status that there are educational discrepancies and will contact me for resolution.

    I am worried and frustrated as it seems they have made a decision but i dont know what it is 🙁

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