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    I Just got this email from the state board of MD:

    “An official communication from the Board of Public Accountancy

    Dear M:

    AICPA, NASBA and Prometric have all advised the Maryland Board of Public Accountancy that the scores from the April/May 2017 examination window will be reported in mid to late August. Scores for the AUD, FARE and REG sections will be released on August 17, and scores for BEC will be released on August 22.

    The Board has identified you as potentially losing credit for one or more sections of the CPA exam that you have previously passed. You are scheduled to lose conditional credit for one or more exam sections during this coming July and August. You are waiting for the April-May scores to be reported to find out if you successfully completed the CPA exam. Your exam status shows:


    AUD 2016-04-20 77 2017-10-20

    BEC 2017-05-30 0001-01-01

    FARE 2016-02-29 76 2017-08-29

    REG 2017-01-02 75 2018-07-02

    The members of the Board understand the inconvenience and anxiety that you are experiencing because of this delay. I urge you to be patient. The Board will have an opportunity to evaluate whether the delay in reporting score results adversely affected your efforts to pass the CPA exam. Once the scores are reported, you may discover that you have successfully completed the CPA examination and an appeal for an extension of conditional credit will not be necessary. You can then proceed toward obtaining your CPA license, for which you have worked so long and hard.

    The Board will contact you again once the exam scores are released announcing a process through which you may, if necessary, appeal for a conditional credit extension.”

    BEC 70, 86
    AUD 55, 77
    REG 67, 71, 75
    FAR 54, 66, 76
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    Interesting…..My state board does not email so maybe we will get something like this in the mail.

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