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    When I log into the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, it states that I will lose my REG credit on 2/4/17.

    I only have FAR left. I lost round 1 with FAR(72) and planning to retake in October. I am praying that I pass it in October and that the following question is irrelevant but I’m curious to know. What happens if I have to take it a third time? Would I be able to take it in early January and still have a chance of not losing the credit if the score is released by 2/4/17?

    The anxiety….

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    It's determined by when you take the exam, not when you receive your score. So as long as you take it before 2/4/17 you'll be OK

    AUD - 91
    BEC - 91
    FAR - 94
    REG - 87

    FAR- taken 8/11/16....now the wait begins
    AUD- scheduled 9/8/16
    BEC- scheduled 10/9/16
    REG-scheduled 12/10/16

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