"Incident" at Prometric center

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    I sat for BEC today and had the worst experience I’ve had out of all 4–for various reasons, but I’m interested to hear what y’all think of this “incident”.

    I’ve requested paper and pencil through NASBA all 3 times before and checked in at Prometric with no issues whatsoever. This time, the confirmation email from NASBA said I “may”, but was not required to, take a copy of the email to the test center as confirmation. It also said that they had notified the test center, which they apparently didn’t do. Obviously I should have printed it and taken it with me, just to be safe, but I figured based on my past experience that I wouldn’t need it. Well apparently the rules changed between the time of my request and my exam, cause the staff didn’t have any documentation and said they wouldn’t let me have paper unless I provided some evidence. It was on my computer at work, so I couldn’t show them the email. Not a huge deal, just an unnecessary frustration that threw me off my game a bit.

    So then when I checked out, there were 2 different staff there, and the guy said he was told I’d had an issue at check-in. I explained what happened and he said that the rules had changed recently and they’ve created a CRP incident report and gave me a number to call and a code if I want to talk to someone at Prometric about it. To get to the point, is this the same kind of “incident” as if I had looked at my notes during the break or something? Is it something against me or is it just an administrative thing? Do you think I need to call the number or can I let it go?

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    I would probably just let it ride.
    Hopefully you will not need this tip, but I always confirmed at least 2x with Prometric staff at the testing center that my request had been received.
    I would call 1 week out from test date, and then confirm again when they called with the reminder the day before.

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