If I don't show up for the exam, am I able to apply for new NTS right away?

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    I have REG on May 26, but I am totally not ready for it.

    I just got pregnant and having very bad “morning/afternoon/evening sickness”, I am thinking to take the exam at end of August because the “sickness” should go away by then according to my doctor. but my NTS expires at end of July.if i cancel the May 26 exam, then I cannot apply a new NTS until end of Jul. I’m afraid that I might not receive the new NTS by end of Aug.

    what If I don’t show up for the May 26th exam? am I able to reapply a new NTS right away? or I still have to wait out the expiration day? I know I could just go to exam and give it a shot, but I just don’t wanna drive an hour for an unprepared exam.

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    I don't know why you wouldn't go for a test you've paid for. If nothing else you'll get a feel for it. Why don't you just reschedule it to July and see how your morning sickness is by then?


    I think you'd have to wait until the may 26 scores are released, but not until the end of July. If you can reschedule it's cheaper than getting a whole new nts though.

    Congratuiations and hope your feeling better! Ask your doctor if ginger capsules from the health food store are ok, my doc told me they were and they really helped as well as taking my vitamins at bedtime instead of in the morning.

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    yep 48 hours after score have been released so you are looking at probably June 9 or 10


    I'm in the same situation man. NTS ends May 31… not sure if I should just take the exam to get a feel for it. But I know I can't pass… I've only studied 10 hours total for AUD.

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