How long does it take to get the payment coupon?

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    Hi all,

    I would like to know how long it takes to get the payment coupon.

    I apply for the Guam CPA exam around mid-March. All materials are sent online. The fee is processed a day after I sent the email. However, I did not get any official reply since then. I emailed them about my concern, and they reply as follows:

    Your application was received and will be reviewed.
    We are in the middle of a transition therefor the process is taking longer than expected.
    Once the review is completed you will be emailed.

    This is my first time applying for the CPA exam. Is it normal to take two months to approve the eligibility of a test-taker? Is there anything I can do about it? Or should I keep refreshing my email and keep my fingers crossed?

    Thank you for any advice in advance.

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