Have you ever had to wait to log back in after taking a break between testlets?

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    I took a bathroom break yesterday between my MCQs and my Sims because I didn’t know how long I’d be working on the Sims and didn’t want to have to rush through them because of a full bladder. I was gone all of 60 seconds (yes, including handwashing), and when I got back, the testing center monitor had just started checking someone in. I had to stand there for at least 5 minutes with my clock running while he did all the stuff he did with her.

    Is this normal?

    I also didn’t get a survey. 🙁

    AUD - 88
    FAR - 90
    REG - 85
    BEC - 88

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    I've waited once, but not more than a few minutes. They try to be fast.

    And there's a survey every time.


    Same thing happened to me, including the hand washing.


    They need a better system. They should add an optional 5 minute break between Mult choic and Sims. When I came back from my break the proctor was nowhere to be found. Had to track down another proctor who signed me back in. So annoying. There's not a survey every time. I didn't get one for FAR.

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    Reg (08/11) - 78 (Yeager)
    Aud - 11/29 - 78(Yeager)


    OMG…yes! That happened to me yesterday. The guy at the desk told me to sign in and then (after I signed in), he said “okay, now let me look up your name in the computer”. I wanted to say “you should've been doing that while I was signing my name!!!”. It made me so mad. I wanted to grab his mouse and do it for him. We pay good money for these exams, and I agree with rgibson3rd. We should get a scheduled break.



    i never took break while doing my CPA exams, i tried not drinking any liquid few hours before my exam since i am a slow reader for English, so i could save some time for myself, also reducing the hassle of waiting for staff checking me in again which is out my control.

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