First Test Tomorrow!

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    Hi everyone! So my very first test is tomorrow afternoon (REG). Just looking for any exam day advice. I saw somewhere on here that you can get a handheld calculator but can’t find it anywhere in the bulletin. Does anyone know if you can for sure get one?? Also wondering about jewelry. Are stud earrings okay? Are there any certain clothes you aren’t allowed to wear? Just want to be prepared!!

    AUD - 72
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 82
    REG - 80
    It will all be worth it...hopefully
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    The information that you are wanting to know is on your NTS

    FAR - 81, 7/4/16
    AUD - 77, 7/11/16
    BEC - 83, 7/23/16
    REG - 63, 8/12/16; 87 11/4/16

    NINJA saved my working life!


    Hi industryCPA, first off – good luck tomorrow! Go in confident and assured, and know that you will do your very best. You are not allowed a handheld calculator, but there is one available on the testing screen. For jewelry – first time I took FAR I wear a small nameplate necklace and it was fine, second time they made me remove it. No dangly earrings either. For clothes, if you wear long sleeves/long pants, they'll make you roll them up to make sure you're not hiding anything. Other than that, don't be nervous!

    Working hard...

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    FAR: 65, 73, 66, 83 8/17

    REG: 64, 80 1/18


    Be as minimal as possible when heading to the exam. Avoid the jewelry – most Prometric centers metal detect you (from my experience). You are entitled to a handheld calculator.

    Good luck!! Lets get this done!!!


    Thanks everyone!! Trying to remain calm but beyond nervous for this!

    AUD - 72
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 82
    REG - 80
    It will all be worth it...hopefully

    I agree – go minimal, make it easy – not sure where you live but I like to go with a light long sleeve shirt so if it's cold I have sleeves, if it's not I can roll them up.

    I didn't know you could bring a calculator in, but I have had no problem with the computerized one within the exam.

    And yes, relax & trust your process! If you don't know it now, you probably won't know it tomorrow so I wouldn't try to cram anything in. If anything I'd maybe review the basics – it's always amazing to me the simple information that seems to fall out of my head when I walk into the exam – but maybe that's just me.

    Best of luck!!

    FAR - 75

    AUD - 71 , retake Feb 2017

    BEC - 76

    REG - 79

    FAR - 75 (5/23/16)
    AUD - July 2016
    BEC - Aug 2016
    REG - Nov 2016

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