Failed REG- when can I reschedule my exam?

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    Found out I failed REG, trying to reschedule it but I’m running into problems. My NTS for REG doesn’t expire until 2/1/17 and I’m looking to retake it at the end of January (so not in the same window). When can I schedule the exam? nasba is showing me that this NTS is closed, even though i have 2+ more months on it.

    Icing on top, I need to schedule it before November 28th because that’s when my becker expires and I need to have a scheduled appointment to extend it.

    Any help? I’m desperate.

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 80
    REG - 73
    AUD: 68, 81 (11/15)
    BEC: 74, 81 (2/16)
    FAR: 72, 80 (5/16)
    REG: 73, TBD (1/17)

    Using Becker & Ninja MCQ

    AUD - Passed 11/2015
    BEC - Passed 2/2016
    FAR - Passed 5/2015
    REG - October 2016 LAST ONE!!!

    Using Becker & Ninja MCQ for review

    This test will not defeat me!

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    Sticky Nicky

    ur nts is only good for one take,,gotta apply for another nts for that section

    AUD - 87
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 88
    REG - 80



    OP, when did you take REG? You cannot take same section twice in 1 window. Sorry to hear about becker expiring on you. Best of luck!

    BEC - 76
    REG- 67, 85
    AUD-63, 74, 80!!
    FAR-65, 62, 57, 79

    3 down 1 more to go. BEC is on the Line 🙁



    Just as others have said, NTS expires in 6 months and is good for 1 test only. Since you already used it, it's closed.
    1. Apply and pay for a new payment coupon from your State Board.
    2. Pay NTS.
    3. Schedule your REG at the latest date you can get. The logic of this suggestion is so you can present it to Becker and request for an extension of your Becker software. Let’s say you were able to get a new NTS before 11/28, SCHEDULE YOUR TEST ON FEBRUARY 27 OR 28, that is 3 months after your Becker’s software expiry date. I believe, three-month extension is the maximum extension that Becker can give to their students free of charge. Once you get the extension period you need from Becker, you can always reschedule your test earlier than the date you requested at no cost to you (provided you reschedule with more than 30 days left before the first or original scheduled test date).


    A few people have posted recently that Becker doesn't offer the free extension anymore. You may want to search the forum or call Becker.


    @bevym, that is correct. Becker doesn't offer a free extension any longer. I called them, and it's $199 to get a 90-day extension. The upsides are that (a.) it includes all 4 parts, and (b.) it's not full price. Still, it's not fun to keep spending the money!

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 78
    REG - 77
    Finished.  Praise be to the Almighty!
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