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    I just was wondering if anyone could help me with something. It’s a while out, but on my score notice, it says the first exam I passed will expire on 12/04/19. So, does this mean that if it comes down to the nitty-gritty and I take my final exam on 12/03/19 and pass I’ll be fine? Even though it will be a few weeks after the end of the testing window before I find out my score?

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    I've been reading a lot of posts on here so this is based on what other people said (because I haven't had an exam expire): you are correct. But be 100% sure 12/03/19 is the cut off day, some people have been posting it was a couple weeks earlier than the actual day of expiration. Just verify the exact day you need to take your exam on/before, if the score comes back that you passed a few weeks later or even two months later it's fine. It will still probably say “expired” but usually a few days after score release they correct it.

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    This happened to me. I had an expiration on 8/31 and sat on 8/18 and it said lost credit. I had to contact NASBA multiple times to get it corrected because my state board wouldn't process my license until all 4 said credit. I am overly paranoid because of the administrative experiences I've had this entire process so before I scheduled I emailed my state coordinator with NASBA to confirm in writing that I just needed to sit before 8/31 in case it was a battle. It took me 2 emails, 4 phone calls and 2 promises of them getting it corrected before it was reflected. I called daily, which might have been impatience on my part but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets things done.

    Basically I think you're fine. But it's never a bad idea to confirm it in writing.

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    Check your state rules too. In GA, I have to sit within 18 months to the day to keep credit, which is Nov 16. My first test says Credit Expires Nov 30. If I waited until Nov 29 to sit, I would have to retake my first section even if I passed the last one.

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    Hey Danny,
    the answer is to check with your state board. Some states say the credit will expire 18 months from the exact day you sat, some states say the credit will expire 18 months after the last day of the month in which you sat, and some states will say that the credit will expire 18 months after the last day of the quarter in which you sat. Every state is different and has it's unique set of rules regarding when exam credit will expire. I suggest looking up your state board's rules for exact clarification.

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