Exam in April, Credit Expires in May

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    Hi everybody!

    My last exam, REG, is scheduled on Apr 18. Unfortunately, my FAR credit will expire in May. Prometric website shows exam centers are closed till April 16. Do I have to reschedule the exam (by losing FAR credit or maybe NASBA will extend the expiration period) or keep preparing to the exam?

    Btw, I’ve applied from Alaska but I’m taking the exam in New York.

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    I think the best way to find out is to contact Alaska state board of accountancy. Explain your situation in the email. I think your situation is eligible for credit extension based on what the NASBA says on their website.

    “NASBA will identify all candidates who have an open NTS and credit expiring through June 30, 2020, and provide this information to Boards with a recommendation to grant an extension of credit if the candidate is impacted by circumstances beyond their control. Due to shutdowns of many board offices, the decisions to extend conditional credit will not be finalized until Boards resume normal operations. There is no need to contact Boards at this time”.

    Although they said “no need to contact Boards at this time” I would contact them just incase they give you an answer.

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    They agreed to extend any NTC fall into April 1st to June 30th to September 30th.
    Credit expiring during this period will be extended as well.
    The thing we do not know yet is that credit expiring after June 30th is still uncertain if they will offer extension.

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