Exam Cancelled Due to Snow

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    I was supposed to take AUD tomorrow but just found out all the Prometric centers near me (in MA) are closed tomorrow because of the snow. I’m kind of freaking out because this is my last section and my 18 months for FAR runs up in May.

    The scheduling page on the prometric website is down. I’ve tried emailing and calling but no responses.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What is the rescheduling process like? Will I have to pay to reschedule? Will they help me schedule a new appointment ASAP so I don’t lose credit for FAR and so this doesn’t completely ruin everything I have planned for the next couple months?

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    I had this happen to me before (not because of weather, but they lost power at the prometric center the day before my test.). You definitely should not have to pay a fee. It's going to depend on the prometric center as far as rescheduling goes though. Mine was very helpful and got me rescheduled for the next day. I would just keep calling until someone answers. If you're NTS is going to expire soon, you might contact your state board to see if they will extend it. Good luck!

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    You'll be able to get someone on the phone tomorrow, they'll even open up extra seats if necessary. You're actually pretty lucky (even though you don't think so right now) that tomorrow isn't the last day of the testing window, I've seen that happen too.

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    I live in New York and this literally happen to me on Thursday. Try to get in touch with ProMetric support immediately. I took days off work to prepare so there was no way I was going to wait longer than a few days to test. While you're on hold start looking for other test sites near you that will have availability for you to sit, I ended up convincing them to reschedule me on the spot, my fear being the other people who got cancelled on taking up the available spots. I ended up going to New Jersey to take my exam this past Friday.

    It sucks, but life happens I guess.

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