Difficulty getting score page to load

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    Title says it all…I’ve been trying to check my score, however the page will not load. Is anyone else experiencing this? Too much traffic? Another round of scores coming through?

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    AUD Passed  78
    BEC Passed  79
    FAR Passed  77
    REG Passed 76

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    This happens every time scores are released. I have had to wait upwards of an hour before the site would work before. Trying to get that page to load is just part of the experience of the CPA exams unfortunately.

    BEC- 91
    AUD- 74, 74, 79
    FAR- 74, 83
    REG- 84
    Ethics- 97

    BEC - 91 (2/29/16)
    AUD- 74, 74

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