Dear Prometric…

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    What the heck is your deal?

    Today, I got a voicemail saying that Prometric canceled my appointment “due to unforseen circumstances.” Turns out the testing center is relocating (right below my office, actually). I called, and asked for details on WHEN I could take my exam in my city, so I didn’t have to go somewhere else. She told me she rescheduled it for a week prior to my original date and I would get an email confirm. Well, I never did get an email confirm….but I did get an email that was the same as my voicemail, only with more detail. It said the testing center would be closed from Nov 4- to Dec 31….THE GIRL RESCHEDULED MY EXAM FOR NOVEMBER 14. Really??? So I went online, started from scratch at their website, used my NTS, and rescheduled my exam for a different city. And it let me. So if I wouldn’t have done that, I wouldn’t have had it scheduled at all!!

    I just can’t believe how much money we pay to sit for the exam and how shoddy the service is. Also, my computer crashed when I was submitting FAR, and I know I’m not the only one (by far) who’s had problems with stuff like that.

    I wish we could boycott them or something….okay my rant is over. 🙂

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