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    I just found out that i failed my AUD section again.I have passed the REG,FAR and BEC.
    Its a very bad year so far for me. The scores I receive for my AUD section is at the borders.
    My REG and FAR scores are to expire on Feb’2018.
    My dad is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer(including weekly chemotherapy sessions), and I am looking after him too and working full-time too.
    Can i request a credit extension to NASBA?
    Please advice
    God isn’t really looking down on us 🙁

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    I’m very sorry for what you’re going through. I can totally relate! I actually just requested for an extension because i was a caregiver for my grandma who passed but haven’t heard back from state board. I guess you can email your state board and ask for one- it doesn’t hurt to try but make sure you have any form of documentation as they asked me for of luck!!

    BEC- PASS (Expiring in DEC 2017)

    REG- PASS (Expiring Feb 2018)

    AUD- PASS (Expiring Oct 2018)

    FAR- 65, 60, 59, 77!!! -GOD BLESS

    If I can do it, anyone can do it!



    Credit extensions can only be granted by your state board of accountancy. NASBA does not have the authority to grant credit extensions.

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