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    Has anyone received the email about the credit extension??

    I just found out that Texas Board of Accountancy has granted a three month extension to all credits that will expire between 4/1/2017 and 9/30/2018. Those Texas candidates have received the email.

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    bump for q2-q4 2018 score delays. It sounds like a lot of states are granting extensions? I hopefully won't run into trouble with any credits expiring since AUD doesn't fall off until the end of next February but it would still give me peace of mind


    So far I am documenting and accumulating evidence here that CA, TX, GA, and CT have granted 3 month or longer extensions for 2Q 2018 credits that are expiring. Anyone in Illinois try requesting an extension for scores expiring between 4/1/2018 and 9/30/2018? I called them in March and they said “don't worry about your credits, we'll take care of you”. I will wait until my scores are released on June 28. I took 2 parts, of which I think I passed 1, and failed the other, which would give me 3 parts passed. And I had FAR expiring on June 4, and BEC on Sept 9. If they grant a 3 month extension, it would give me more time for FAR and Audit. I will present this evidence in writing to Illinois Board of Examiners. I think it is unfair for some states to get 3 month extensions across the board and other states not. Worse case scenario I will complain to the State Attorney. Someone on did this in 2017, and was granted a 9 month extension for all candidates in his state.


    anyone from Alaska state board who has news about any extension ?

    Hank Scorpio

    Tennessee said they aren't granting extensions. My BEC expires July 31. These delays have got to stop.

    AUD - 71, 79
    BEC - 69, 74, 75
    FAR - 71, 74, 80
    REG - 74, 78

    FAR - 10/3/16
    BEC - 69 - 10/31/16
    AUD - November 2016
    REG - December 2016


    How are they not granting extensions when they've delayed our scores by up to 2 months? That prevents us from being able to apply and schedule further tests, and also knowing if we would need to study or not a future section that is dependent on passing that 4th section.


    Does anyone know if guam state will be adopting this?

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 86
    REG - NINJA in Training
    it's not going to be easy it's going to be worth it

    Has anyone contacted the NY state board regarding credit extensions? When I called a few weeks ago, the woman on the other end of the line was not helpful whatsoever and gave me an attitude. I was told that extension requests would only be considered AFTER you have passed all 4 parts of the exam. So what am I supposed to do, just wait around until December to get my REG score and not sit for the exam I just lost credit for? Doesn't make sense.

    FAR - 76 (Lost credit), 76
    AUD - 80
    BEC - 76
    REG - 75

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