CPA exam section selection (in CA)

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    I was thinking like I can select just one section I want to take in near future and pay for it, take it and schedule next one and pay for it.

    What I’m not sure about is the 2nd paragraph of the Application Qualification Notice (the email I got after approval of my application). It says:

    “Once payment has been made to NASBA, additional exam sections may not be added to the ATT. A new application to the Board, including payment of the reapplication fee is required.”

    Does this mean if I only select one section for the first time, I need to send a new application with $50 to take another one? “A new application” means including all academic transcripts?

    I don’t think they want to take time to reevaluate the same document again but I don’t know what these sentences mean exactly.

    Actually I already select one and submitted. I was trying to cancel it until making sure but it didn’t work. Now my account shows “Application (ATT) transmitted to NASBA” and no way to change.

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    @mk – You need an NTS for each section to take. An NTS is $100 the first time and $50 for every subsequent one (not including exam fees). I believe the NTS lasts 9 months in California. I'm not sure whether or not you'll be able to change the one you already submitted. I would call the board and ask them directly. Try to put 2 or 3 on an NTS at a time to save on fees. If you think you'll take all four in the next 9 months, you can just add them all at the same time. If you fail any sections, you'll need a new NTS. They wont ask you to resubmit all your paperwork. They basically just want your money. You can handle it all through your CBA account.


    Thanks for the info. I finally could talk to a rep.

    It seems I can change section via Section Change Request Form but it takes ten biz days to process. And she said it'd be like 2 weeks to process a new application. So, I should leave it and take it, then apply for other sections to take one at the end of this period.

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