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    So i passed 4 exams for Indiana, for one of them i lost credit and it was extended. I transferred my scores to NY state where i live. The board does not want to accept an extended credit and told me to take this exam for NY state. Please help if anyone is going through the same as:
    1. I think in the exam application form there is a question – have you passed this exam in another state. When you say Yes – does it prevent from processing the application form?
    2. The board says that even if i get the license for Indiana state, the NY board will still tell me to retake that one exam even having a valid license.
    3. Is there a way to call NASBA as noone responding to my emails. thank you!

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    @JFKGY i transferred my scores through NASBA store. And now on CPA central for NY i see all 4 exams as passed. But anyway Board wants me apply for a retake and it is impossible as you cannot apply for an exam that is passed, the form does not allow. I explained it to the Board but she says to talk to NASBA. and NASBA is not responding at all to any emails. If anyone has a PHONE NUMBER OF NASBA THAT THEY RESPOND TO – PLEASE SHARE WITH ME.


    @JFKGY Yes, i applied for the licensure with NYS. i submitted all forms, met all requirements but they do not accept an exam result that was extended by Indiana. They want me to retake it for NYS. And i cannot process NTS as all exams are marked as passed.


    Nadia, try emailing Shelly Crosby, Director of Client Services at
    Politely explain everything. She may take a few days to respond but she is terrific. Be nice, remember this the NY Board’s decision.

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    @Monikernc Thank you!


    @Nadia I passed my test many years ago and the last time I reached out to NASBA is 2015. You can try if any of these phone numbers still works, 615-880-4260 / 615-574-6511.

    My guess with the board is they do not actually see your score or whatever happened and they only see a line that said “score extended by Indiana on xx date”. This might prevent them to certify that the actually score and score date is “eligible” to be approved for extension in NYS. If that's the case, NASBA can reissue an original score list and you can try to apply for a waiver… if that's the problem.

    Don't quote me on this, because I have not yet apply for licensing, I have another 2 months to go until I hit the experience requirement (anxiously waiting). I'm waiting for my exp to pass and do this in one-shot (as NYS office is only 50% open).

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    @JFKGY Thank you! and Good luck to you!


    Hi guys
    I desperately need some advice from you guys. I just found out that I failed my last part, AUD, with a 73. That leads to the expiration of my first credit, FAR. For AUD, I know I was closed and I believe I could make it with another try. But what worries me is retaking FAR. Since I struggled a lot with it before finally passed. I am not sure if I could do it again. I was thinking of requesting a credit extension. In my state, which is MA, Test center was closed from 03/18 to sometime in May (I could not find the exact date). MA has the extension policy due to covid but unfortunately, my expiration date did not fall into the range. Based on what I read from you guys, I understand the extension could be granted case by case and also it depends on the state. I was wondering if I should give it a try and request an extension. And if so, what do you think is my chance? Thank you so much!

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