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    I know this is a silly question but want to make sure i do this correctly. I am in the process of applying for the exam. I know that it says on top that the name on the application has to appear the same as the name on my identification at the testing center. I will be using my drivers license so it is my first name, middle initial and last name. When applying for the exam, do i enter my first name and last name and just put my first initial for my middle name?

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    You can put your full name. The prometric centers don't get that anal. If you've got a middle name listed on your nts, they'll look to make sure that the middle initial on your DL matches. I has my full name listed and my DL was never questioned. I even came with my passport just on case and never had to present it.

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    Yeah, I wondered about the same thing. But they are not too anal at the prometric centers.

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