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    I’ve researched some posts here and online but still can’t seem to get an answer to my question.

    I found out I failed my REG today (took in Q2 2020). I also have an AUD NTS expiring many months from now. I want to take REG again before AUD.

    I understand that I can have 2 NTS at the same time as long as they are different section. I also understand that I cannot take the same section again in the same testing window. The new COVID-19 continuous testing does not begin until July 2020. Coincidentally, Q2 2020 exam window is now extended to June 30, 2020 and I can’t take REG again until July 2020. Please correct me if any of my understanding above are incorrect.

    My questions are:
    1) Can I apply for new REG NTS as soon as score is released? I read few places that you have to give 48 hours.
    2) Can I still apply for the REG NTS even though I’m ineligible to take it now due to same testing window so that I can schedule it when current testing window ends?
    3) If question #2 is a “yes”, will this NTS expire in 6 months beginning the new testing period, or as soon as the new NTS is issued?

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    You can usually apply for a new NTS a few days after scores are released. I would check on the site, and see if you can apply for another NTS. Yes, you can still apply for your REG NTS, even though you cannot take it again in the same testing window. The NTS should state the earliest you can take the exam, which would be the next testing window.

    For instance, I failed AUD in Q4, and applied for an NTS on 12/11/2019, the earliest I could take AUD was 01/01/2020, and the NTS expired on 06/30/2020. This information should be available once your NTS once you apply and receive it.

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