Can't see Notice to Schedule Form

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    I recently logged into the NASBA site. I applied to take Audit and Reg at the same time. I’ve scheduled Reg for the 24th but haven’t scheduled audit yet. I notice that I don’t have the little eyeball next to the test name for Reg but I do for Audit so basically I can’t see the NTS for Reg. Fortunately, I saved a pdf copy of the NTS which shows both Audit and Reg and then I also have the form that was mailed to me.

    I’m just wondering if anyone would know why Reg isn’t showing. It says on the website that only NTS’s show for exams that are unexpired and not previously attended. I haven’t taken the test yet so I don’t why it wouldn’t show up. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on this.

    Also, the address on my ID doesn’t match my current address which shows on my NTS. Does anyone think this will be an issue?

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