Canidate Performance Report for passing?

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    I work for a small CPA firm. We have an employee that provided a copy of a Candidate Diagnostic Performance Report that shows a passing score. From what I recall when I took my tests, is that you only receive a Performance Report when you fail. It is very possible that this employee would fabricate a report. Is it still correct that you only receive a Performance Report for not passing?

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    This can vary state-to-state, I know some states will provide a report wether you pass or fail. I would hope someone wouldn't be dumb enough to fabricate that report, I feel that could get them into serious trouble if the board found out!

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    I agree. I have a report like that. But I don't think it's a CERTAIN type of report whether you pass or fail because my failed score is also on that report with my passing grade. So… I mean, once he gets licensed, you can just ask for his license number and look it up.

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    I got a report from NASBA saying I passed on my email, so it can be possible.


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    The employee was actually terminated today over other issues. Suspicions were raised over his reports he provided showing passing scores on 3 of the 4 exams. He was testing through Missouri and I found online that “exam performance information” is only received for sections failed. I just can't believe someone would actually fabricate a report… I do know that the partners were pressuring him to get his license, so that could be a reason why he did it. Though that does not make it okay at all.
    25.) Will candidates receive a numeric score for each CPA exam section?

    Yes, Missouri candidates will receive a numeric score for each exam section ranging from zero to 99. A score of 75 or higher indicates successful completion of that exam section. In addition to the score, for sections failed, candidates will receive exam performance information.

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    For NASBA states, if you pass, you get a 2 page PDF document that says your score and current credit status for the other exams. The 2nd page is blank.

    At the bottom of the first page:

    If you did not pass this examination section, performance information is provided on the back of this score notice. Please read the explanatory text carefully.

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    For California, I was provided with a score report even for a passing score. Just a general breakdown of comparable, worse, or stronger than 75-80 in comparisons.

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