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    Hello CPAs,

    Please, I wanna ask that can i cancel my NTS and re-submit an application for a new NTS?
    If anybody knows how can you mention how?

    Thank You
    Good Luck All 🙂

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    I think your NTS has to expire before applying for the same section. You can cancel your seat to test but maybe not the actual NTS.

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    Correct me if I'm incorrect, but I don't think NTS's are cancellable exactly. You can just NOT schedule any exams during the NTS period. But, every time you request the NTS from your state board, they're gonna charge you the same fee I think. They'll probably just issue you a new one, and the old one that you paid for originally will just kind of expire on its own but most state boards do not give refunds unless the circumstances are beyond extreme.


    What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? You can schedule a test with an NTS. So if you have an NTS that includes FAR you can schedule that test. If you wait for it to expire you can schedule it after you receive the new one.

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    @moh12233 – You can definitely cancel your NTS. Basically what you need to do is (1) cancel any exam you may have already scheduled with Prometric. Next, (2) contact your state board (each state board has different things they require. My state board required a written signed statement from stating I understood I was forfeiting my Exam Fees and wanted to cancel (X) exam sections. This depends on how many exam sections are on your current NTS. Basically from here it is up to your state board to process the cancellation which usually takes up to 5 business days. Then you can restart the process with your state board and start a new remittance. Hope this helps.


    Some states will cancel an NTS,other states will not. You'll need to check with your state board.

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    If you are not ready to take the exam for what ever reason, why don't you simply cancel if you have scheduled a seat already, and just let the nts expire. After it expires you should be able to purchase another nts or if you want to finish studying for far instead of starting a new section you should be able to purchase a new far nts if it is expired and not tested. When you go to nasba to apply for a nts, the site should be able to show which sections you can apply for. Hope this helps.

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