backup plan in case of Q2 failure with Q3 expiration

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    I hope this post is written in vain, but what is your backup plan if you find out you failed your Q2 exam in August 17th and you have a credit expiring in September 30th?

    1. give up everything else immediately and cram up the study materials and try to take a test before September 10th

    2. Ask for State board(NYS in my case) for credit extension due to involuntary hardship caused by NASBA

    3. what other options?

    FAR exp 9/17!!
    BEC pass
    REG pass
    AUD 74, 69, waiting for august
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    You should be doing both 1 and 2. Reach out to NYS and see if they will grant you an extension. Regardless of whether they grant the extension, you should start re-studying now. Rather be safe then sorry.

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    From what I've heard, most states are giving an extra 3 months. I'm in a similar position, and I was told to contact NASBA because my state already has a plan in place – basically if you are affected by the change, they'll give an extension. I think I saw one state was giving a 6 month automatic extension but I can't remember for sure.

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    Literally same boat as OP. Waiting on score and will have to cram studying and try to take before 9/10 as first part expires 9/30. I contacted NYS and they said when that time comes then apply for an extension. No guarantees. See state board response below..

    “You would need to substantially meet the examination requirement by passing all four sections of the exam, albeit outside of the 18 month conditioning requirement. Thus, we would not be able to submit your petition to the Committee on the Professions until you pass all 4 sections of the exam.

    Once you have passed all 4 sections, please submit:

    Form 1 and fee of 377.00

    Please send a complete explanation via email of how your circumstances had precluded you from passing all 4 parts of the exam in the required 18 month time frame.
    Including any medical documentation to help substantiate your petition.
    Once all of the documentation has been received, your information along with your entire testing history will be presented to the Executive Secretary for initial review. After you will receive correspondence outlining the results of the review.

    If your petition has been recommended to move forward with the petition process, your information will then be presented to the COP committee on their next meeting date. At that time they will formerly review all materials including the board’s recommendation. If approved your file will then be presented to the NYS Board of Regents for final approval on their next meeting date. Afterward you will receive correspondence directly from the Board of Regents outlining their decision. ”

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