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    Taken from the form itself:

    The non-refundable fees are: $500 US dollars Per section AUD/FAR/REG/BEC

    $100 US dollars Additional charge for each examination question for which you submit a written challenge.

    Candidates are advised;

    * that appeal sessions are conducted at NASBA’s office located in Nashville, TN.

    * that you will be contacted in order to establish a date, time and place to conduct the Score Appeal.

    * under secure conditions, you will be allowed the same amount of time as the examination section, utilizing a computer,

    to review the questions to which you provided incorrect answers and write an appeal.

    * that in the event you chose to appeal a question, you must submit payment, $100 per question, at that time.

    * that the decision of the score appeal will be returned to you and/or your State Board of Accountancy at least eight weeks from the “submission deadline” date.

    * that the submission of the score appeal should not prevent you from re-applying for the same section(s) in the next

    testing window.

    * that historically a score has never been changed as a result of a Score Appeal.

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