Anyone ever successfully extended an NTS?

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    I’ve applied to extend my NTS from 8/2/12 expiration to 8/31/12 expiration to allow me to schedule my last (hopefully last) exam FAR at the end of August instead of the beginning. My mother passed and while I am mostly ready for my 5/29 REG exam (so no need to reschedule it), I already know I will have estate issues in June to attend to and help my Dad with. I know death of a family member is cause to extension, but I also know how non-caring NASBA can be.

    I’m just curious to know if anyone had success extending an NTS. It could be a few days before I am told either way and I had to cancel my 8/2 FAR exam in order to apply for the extension. So if they say no, I might not have a space left on 8/1 or 8/2.



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    I requested an extension for my NTS before, and they did it without giving me any problems. I dont recall giving them a reason, just requested it be extended. I dont know if it matters but this was also a couple years ago before the exam changes (when there were only 3 SIMS).

    REG- 81
    BEC- 72,76
    AUD- 67,88
    FAR- 78



    Well I take that back, they were nice enough to extend my NTS on the FAR section until 8/31/12, which allowed me to push back my FAR from 8/2 to 8/31.

    That will give me 13 weeks and 3 days between exams. I imagine that helping with my Mom's affairs will take two weeks total between tests so that nets to about 11 weeks to study for FAR. Should be plenty, allowing for unforeseen issues with family matters.

    Now all I have to do is find some energy and drive given that this isn't the number one thing on my mind right now.

    You wanna hear some strange juju? The last time I held credit on BEC and AUD, my wife's Dad, my wife's Grandmother and my Grandmother all died within six days of each other about a month before the exam for FAR and REG. I'm beginning to wonder if there's not a Final Destination (it's a movie) thing with me and this exam!


    @cpapending – CREEPY!!!


    Yeah, definitely….the least this nasty omen could do is get rid of some of the relatives that needed to go a long time ago. Stop getting the ones I actually am fond of! 😀

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