Anyone ever appeal score? …in NC? make them pull exam?

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    I know this sounds like sour grapes from the start but I have two reasons I am considering paying the $400 to see my exam.

    1. When I signed out after the exam Prometric lost my exam and could not find it. Another employee said it just looked like it was lost but really was not. They did not find it before I left the testing center but he assured me it was fine. I believed him until I saw my score report.

    2. I felt extremely confident on MC and especially on Governmental. I teach a class on governmental accounting so I know what right is. My exam review said I was weak in Governmental, strong in not for profit, comparable in everything else to passing candidates. Then at the bottom weaker overall in MC.

    If they did locate my exam and these are my true scores then I am really confused about where to go from here. I need to see it to see what to change because I would have bet my house that I did really well on MC and governmental. I concede that my simulations were not as strong. I could have failed based on Sims but I don’t see it based on MC.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

    BEC 84
    FAR 80
    AUD 85
    REG 78

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